Titanic’s Child Actor Still Receives Royalties 25 Years Later but Admits to Not Cashing in Cheques

A gentleman who had a small role in the movie Titanic approximately 25 years ago recently shared that he had been continuously receiving payment cheques for his role. However, he has not received any lately as he has relocated and has not updated his address.

At the age of five, Reece Thompson portrayed the character of an Irish third-class passenger in the renowned historical drama by James Cameron, Titanic. However, as a spoiler, it is worth noting that his character and family’s fate in the movie does not end well.

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I understand that it has been over two decades since the release of Titanic, and it is widely known that the ship sinks in the end.

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the movie depicts the ship filling up with water while Reece’s character, along with his mother and sister, is shown lying in their cabin, unable to secure a spot on a lifeboat, resigned to their fate of impending death.

A minor role with imapact

Although his role was minor, it has left a lasting impact on viewers over the years, to the point where Reece is still asked to discuss his experience in the film.

Before that heartbreaking scene, Reece had a single line in which he asked his on-screen mother, “What are we doing, Mommy?” Her response was, “We’re just waiting, dear. When they finish putting first-class people in the boats, they’ll be starting with us, and we’ll want to be ready, right?”

Reece, who now works as a digital marketing director in Utah, still receives royalty cheques for his performance in Titanic, constantly reminding him of his role in the film. During an interview with Australia’s Network 10, when asked about receiving royalty cheques, he confirmed, “Yeah, I still do. It’s true.”

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Not cashing in?

However, Reece admitted that he has not updated his address in several years, not since his last interview, where he was asked about receiving the royalty cheques. As a result, he has not received any cheques for a while, but he believes they may still be coming. Reece said, “I’m just assuming that they are still coming.”

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Regarding his continued interest in his life and role in the film, Reece finds it fascinating that people are still intrigued by it. He shared that he and his family enjoy reading fan comments and find it amusing. However, it feels like a dream to him because of how long ago it was. Reece said, “Yeah, it feels like a dream it was so long ago.”

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A lasting legacy

Reece mentioned that he receives various comments, some of which he finds hard to believe that they are still coming 25 years later. He also shared that it’s strange that people are now starting to recognize him for his role in the movie, whereas before, it was just a random fact about him. Additionally, it is worth noting that Reece is not of Irish descent, contrary to his on-screen character.

A welcome surprise

Interestingly, Reece revealed that he was not aware of what an Irish accent was when he delivered his one line in the film. He further disclosed that he had no idea he was going to have a speaking role. Reece suspects that his Irish looks were the primary reason he was cast for the part.

He also shared that having an agent was instrumental in landing the role. Reece said, “Honestly, it was probably that I just looked Irish enough for a casting director that I got the job. I had an agent, so I guess that was kind of how it initially got started.”

Reece mentioned that his mother had informed him that before he was cast for the part, the production team had not yet decided who would deliver the line in the movie. As he had no prior knowledge of the Irish accent, Reece just did the best he could with the script he was given.

Regardless, he is grateful for the opportunity, and if he decides to update his address, he may start receiving those royalty cheques again.

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  1. Some performers who had a brief scene in movies or television will always be remembered by someone, somewhere. Examples abound but here’s a personal example: In the movie, PT109, there’s a scene where a sailor on the boat talks with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the captain, and speaks about his fear of what will happen to him: (Premonition of an impending disaster). I still remember the actor who wasn’t a professional.

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